After graduating from the University of Iowa Jim Hein was offered a job as a teacher in Chillicothe, a small town a few miles outside of Peoria. To earn extra money, Jim used the carpentry experience he gained working on his family's farm to build pole barns in and around Peoria. After a few years, he decided to take a chance and do construction full-time.


In 1977, Jim started Hein Construction in partnership with his brother, Russ Hein. Through a lot of hard work and dedication, Jim and Russ grew the company and were soon doing work as a General Contractor.


Russ Hein sadly passed away in 1996, and Jim took full control of the company. 


Early on Jim made the decision Hein Construction would be a self-performing contractor. His belief that controlling our own labor force would lead to long-term success has proven to be correct and it is especially important now due to the shortage of labor in the construction industry. 


Starting in 2013, Jim started to sell his shares to a small group of management staff with the hope the business would continue to be successful into the future for its employees and clients. On January 1, 2020, the share purchase was complete and Jim passed control of Hein to the next generation of owners.  


The new owners are committed to Jim's core values of hard work, commitment, and trust while refining and expanding them to align with the future of the industry.  

Where We Are
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